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What do we do?

What do we do?

‘Nachamu Nachamu Ami’ established a network of organisations in Eastern Europe and Israel through the years.  We manage to support a lot of people with goods through the cooperation with these organizations.

The practical part, our main activity, is to send goods to the projects. We support them financially too. Our aim is that people become self-reliant and less dependent on outside help. We focus on fundamental help like funding education.

The board members of ‘Nachamu Nachamu Ami’ visit each project yearly. The organizations we sponsor get a check then. We also visit new contacts and ask them what they expect from us.

Practical help

Sending supplies as blankets, clothes, linen, toys and household items. These are sent by container or truck. The goods destined for Israël leave by ship from the port of Rotterdam. Our goal is not to send what we have, but to give what people need. We try to meet the demand.

Financial help

In addition to sending relief supplies , we support the project financially.As an investment in vouchers for food, additional lesson material, laptops or tutoring kids.

Structural help

By setting up small projects we try to give expression to structural help. We offer help in setting up a sewing attelier by sending sewing machines and material, the bikeproject and structural support by tutoring kids.